Admission Policies

Enrollment of seminarians is conducted during registration days indicated in the school calendar. Once admitted, seminarians enjoy the right to enroll and stay until the end of the semester or whole school year duration. Therefore, except for cases of academic deficiency, violation advise of seminary rules and regulations, or failure to pay seminary fees, the seminary has the right to advise the seminarian to transfer to other school within the prescribed period.

Seminarians should enroll during the official registration period. Unless extended, no enrollment shall be allowed two (2) weeks after the first day of classes.

Enrollment of Seminarians is covered by the following policies and procedures:

A.  An old student shall be allowed to enroll if he had been cleared of the following:

  1. Grades in all subjects taken the previous year have been completed and submitted by the adviser to the Registrar’s Office.
  2. Academic standard has been met.
  3. All accountabilities with the Procurator’s, Registrar’s and/or other offices, have been settled.
  4. After everything has been settled, an old student can proceed to the enrollment process.

B. A new student (Grades 7,8,9 &11) should follow the following steps: 

First Screening:

  1. The student takes and should pass the entrance exams. This applies also to the new Libmanan extern seminarians.
  2. After a Libmanan extern seminarians has passed the entrance examinations, there is no need for him to undergo the Final Screening for it is only reserved for intern seminarians.

Final Screening/Orientation:

  1. Those who passed the First Screening advances to the Final Screening which is a Three (3) day orientation in the seminary.
  2. After the orientation, the Formators assess the applicants.
  3. Those who passed the Final Screening is given the Letter of Acceptance with the list of required documents, books, etc. to be brought in the seminary.
  4. The Parent or Guardian of the accepted applicants fills-out and signs all enrollment forms that the seminary provides.
  5. They have to submit the Applicant’s Required Documents for Enrollment to the Registrar’s Office.
  6. The parent or guardian pays all prescribed fees to the Procurator’s Office.
  7. The Registrar reviews and accepts the student’s credentials.

C.  Enrollment of Returnees is allowed only after they are approved by the Rector. 

D.  Transferees have to take and pass the entrance test/final orientation assessment for the level applied for and has presented a letter of recommendation from their principal or guidance counselor. The same shall comply all the procedure mentioned in item 2. Prior to their enrollment, Transferees are required to complete and submit all admission requirements particularly their Transfer Credentials from previous school.

 E.  Whole year and whole semester payment in cash entitles the payee for an out-right discount as approved by the Procurator.

 F.  For the Intern Seminarians upon enrollment, (2) two months Seminary fees and (1) one-month Academic fees must be settled while, for the extern seminarians, (2) two months academic fees must be settles to be considered officially enrolled.

G.  Refund of Fees (for Students who decide to leave/drop the seminary). The amount corresponding to the unspent months in the seminary shall be refunded. The reckoning of fees for refund shall be by month.

H.  Payment of enrollment fees in check may be allowed provided, the check is on date and uncrossed. If the check returns after bank negotiation the enrollment will be cancelled or the check will be redeemed by cash if enrollment will be pursued.

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